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Saturday, 1 February 2014

♥My little pony obsession OMG!

Hello guyssssssssssss.... So lately I have noticed that I have a little
soft spot for my little pony. I know I'm weird! But not with the dolls (Nah that boat sailed when I turned 7) with the clothes for actual humans like myself. We all know I love any pastel stuff I can get my hands on so since like ALL of my little ponies clothes are pastel its a huge bonus. I think it started when I saw the NY Little Pony bomber jacket for only £17 on Iridescent I was like OH MY GAWD....
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That jacket would get anyone hooked on the little ponies.
But before we get into the proper pony stuff check out the is llama tee:
Zazzle, £15.49
♠♥♠Now for the real goodies ♠♥♠
Amazon, £14.99
Amazon, £20.85
Truffle Shuffle, £21.99
Truffle shuffle, £36.99
Truffle shuffle, £36.99
I also found a great website that sell loads of things pony! Including this lush dress: My Little Pony @ Alice Vandy, £75

Check out the rest of there all things pony range


From Another kinda pony blogger x


  1. check this out!

    1. That is one awesome bag but I just ordered my Mi-Pac one! Got the £17 from ASOS
      From Another kinda fashion blogger x


Thanks bruh... XD

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