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Sunday, 14 December 2014

It's nearly Christmas!

Hi guys! Yep it's nearly Christmas and I'm so excited! It is also nearly my Christmas party which of course I will post about because, duh. You know me, I just love Christmas and I'm really sad I haven't been able to post about Christmas as much I did last year. I am also really sorry for being the worst blogger one has ever seen! I promise I will get better, you have school coursework and my Spanish exams (one this Thursday, eww) to blame for it. And with the Christmas holiday starting on Friday (yass so happy I don't have to think about Spanish and school) that's bound to mean more posting time right? Don't forget the Christmas present haul either! I know Christmas list's should of been mailed to Santa a long time ago but I found a few things  I wouldn't mind my parents ordering, asap! 

adidas Jacket which I have wanted for quite some time now! 
adidas, £50  
Need this shoes in my life ,wouldn't mind the other one either (Ugh, I'm so bad at jokes) 
adidas, £62
I saw this while making this post and I need it in my life. Literally guys this is my dream jacket! I have had my eye on the awesome adidas tops they sell in Urban Outfitters with Japanese writing below the adidas logo but it's price tag put me off a little... This is just to awesome so Mum if you're reading, you get the hint,  right? 
adidas, £60

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